Murchison Falls National Park, part of the greater Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA), offers excellent wildlife viewing. The Victoria Nile bisects the park and boat trips to the spectacular Murchison Falls are a highlight – especially if you hike to the top where the immense power of the falls is best appreciated.

The park is divided by the very scenic Victoria Nile. A boat trip takes you to the base of the Murchison Falls where you can see the Nile squeezing through a narrow gorge before dropping down into the ‘Devil’s Cauldron’. North of the river is a savannah habitat that’s dominated by grassland and dotted with borassus palms. South of the river, the habitat changes to woodland with forest patches.

The park supports four of the Big Five; only rhino are absent. Buffalo and elephant are particularly common. There is a very healthy population of lion that likes to prey on the abundant Uganda kob. Other antelope found here are oribi, Jackson’s hartebeest, defassa waterbuck, grey duiker and bushbuck. The Victoria Nile teems with crocodile and hippo.


Four of the Big Five can be seen, but rhino are absent. Huge herds of elephant and buffalo are common, and lion are quite easily spotted. Antelope include Jackson’s hartebeest, waterbuck and Uganda kob. Large herds of Rothschild’s giraffe are a specialty. Chimpanzee and several other primates can be tracked in Budongo Forest, in the south of the greater Murchison Falls Conservation Area.

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