Explore Wildlife Africa is a private travel company specializing in Bespoke tours and set departure safaris and holidays in Africa. With our years of experience and intensive knowledge of these countries and respective tourism attractions, we ensure our clients to always create special and authentic safari packages to satisfy their expectations. Do you want to go on your African Wildlife Safari, Adventure Tour, Bird watching, Mammal watching and Honeymoon Holiday, we create a unique customized and personalized itinerary that-suits your travel budget.

Explore Wildlife Africa stands for:

Our team of highly skilled travel specialist and consultants are based throughout east African region, where they have been living and worked for many years. Together they possess over 8 years of safari operating experience across African region. We only work with the best guides in the region, who are only professional local experts but also who will add that personal touch to your safari.

Your safari is guaranteed 100% tailor made, designed to suit the best ethos, your personal interest as well as your budget. We do not take you to one of our safari, instead you will be the one creating the perfect safari with help of our safaris specialist in our office.

Explore Wildlife Africa is a thoroughly professional and well established safari company with 8 years of experience. Our offices are located in Entente-Uganda and Arusha-Tanzania our partners in Rwanda, Kenya, Seychelles, DRC, South Africa, Zanzibar, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana you can contact us anytime during your safari from start to the end, you will be in safe hands of our experienced guides or partners.

Whilst it is our responsibility to offer you extra ordinary and authentic African experiences, we are also committed to sustainability and to participation in protecting the natural environment, the African wildlife and variable cultural heritage.

We carefully select hotels, safari lodges and camps that have comprehensive sustainability policy and ensure that they have a minimal impact as possible on environment. In an effort to increase awareness for conservation and we also ensure that the local communities benefit from your visit. While on your safari we also kindly request you to respect the environment by minimizing the footprint that you leave and follow our guidelines for responsible tourism.
The only way we can save Africa and the world’s unspoiled wilderness and heritage for posterity is if we do it together.

We serve with Honesty, Professionalism, Enthusiasms, Passionate, Trust and Commitment to archive a special adventure and successful Tours in Africa.

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