The Gorilla Trekking Experience in Africa

The Gorilla Trekking experience. most people have heard or have seen Mountain Gorillas in the zoo or in the wild. The truth is you must plan to visit Uganda or Rwanda for this lifetime experiences , there are three mostly visited destinations for the trekking and this includes the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, The Mgahinga National Park in Uganda and the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Planning a tour to Africa for the Gorillas also gives a chance to explore more including the big 5, mountain climbing-Mt.Kilimanjaro-Mt.Rwenzori, Mt.Meru, The Chimpanzee trekking, the great migration through mara river, thrilling Culture ( the Masai and the Ik people, and the San people) and amazing scenery.

Africa, i must say is a safest continent to travel regardless of some few ethnic and civil wars in some few country but honestly this happens everywhere in the word and also it has not hindered the tourism sector in countries that are most visited, which includes Eastern Africa and the Southern Africa countries.

These trekking are usually conducted in the morning, starts with a briefing about the do and don’t while with the Gorillas or before while on the trails in the forest. You will always be led by the ranger guide to definitely take you through the whole experience, its all hiking since its a mountain landscapes and maneuvering your ways through the impenetrable forest but don’t worry you have people a long to make your way using their machetes, Porter in this case are helpful to carry your back pack having your lunch, cameras, water and any other personal belonging and push you where necessary through an easy terrains but on a cost of $20. This activity takes 2-8hour depending where the Gorillas are meaning that it could be the the fitness of the Trekkers, Terrain, distance to cover and the where they have to find food as they may keep on moving.

Explore Wildlife Africa will arrange and conduct your adventure Tour experiences for Gorilla and the big 5 in Africa.


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